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Our Proprietary Blend of Services Generate Amazing Returns for Owners

Transforming Properties into Profitable Ventures

At FL Vacation Rentals, our comprehensive suite of services is not just about managing properties—it’s about creating success stories. Our approach combines meticulous property management, strategic investment, and market expertise to significantly increase property value and rental income. One such success story showcases our holistic approach to property transformation and investment.

The Transformation Journey: A Spectacular Return on Investment

Property Acquisition: In March 2022, we facilitated the purchase of a promising property for $1.2M, securing a Short Term Rental DSCR Loan at 85% LTV from The Mortgage Calculator. This initial step was critical in setting the stage for the property’s transformation.

Remodel and Reposition: Our dedicated team undertook a $200,000 remodel to reposition the property as a trophy Short Term Rental. The project culminated in a beautifully renovated property with 3 units and 5 bedrooms, designed to cater to the high demand for quality short-term rentals.

Licensing and Permitting: We navigated the complexities of licensing and permitting, ensuring that the property was fully compliant and ready for operation. This crucial step allowed us to maximize the property’s rental potential from the outset.

Revenue Generation: Upon licensure in August 2022, our team implemented our advanced property management strategies, including dynamic pricing, direct booking optimization, and guest experience enhancement. These efforts resulted in over $260,000 in revenue in just the first year of management.

Profitable Exit: In May 2023, leveraging the expertise of our sister company, Miami Real Estate Agency, we successfully sold the property for $1.675M. This sale represented an astounding return of over 100% cash on cash return in just over a year, a testament to the effectiveness of our comprehensive approach to property management and investment.

VILLA RIO VISTA: A Benchmark of Success

In another highlight, VILLA RIO VISTA stands as a benchmark of our capability to elevate properties into high-yielding investments. Detailed information on this project and its success metrics will further illustrate our expertise in transforming properties into lucrative investments.

Why FL Vacation Rentals?

Our success stories underscore the value we bring to property owners:

  • Comprehensive Management: From acquisition and remodeling to licensing, permitting, and selling, we handle every aspect.
  • Maximized Revenue: Our dynamic strategies ensure your property earns maximum revenue.
  • Seamless Transformation: We turn potential into profit, managing complex remodels and repositioning with ease.
  • Strategic Investment: Our market insights and real estate expertise guide profitable investment decisions.

Join Our List of Success Stories

Your property could be the next success story. With FL Vacation Rentals, embark on a journey to transform your investment into a high-return venture. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can replicate these successes with your property.

Success Stories

Sistrunk Shades Vacation Rental Villas

Our self owned properties, Sistrunk Shades, are a group of 5 identical townhomes we rent individually or to large groups. The units have generated a staggering amount of income in just a short period. In just 6 months of being licensed, permits were obtained in August of 2023, the units have generated over $200,000 ($201,946.50 exactly) in paid in full bookings! Representing an estimated yearly final income of over $360,000!

Sistrunk Shades Vacation Rental Villas

February 2024
Las Olas Cabanas

Our most recent success story, Las Olas Cabanas, generated over $10,000 in under 7 days of getting licensed! Our team handled all of the purchasing, design, staging, permitting, listing and management. Creating the perfect storm to generate over $10,000 in fully paid bookings in under 7 days and over $20,000 in the first 30 days! Visit Las Olas Cabanas to see our work now!

Las Olas Cabanas

February 2024
Villa Rio Vista

Purchased for $1.2M in March 2022 with a Short Term Rental DSCR Loan at 85% LTV from The Mortgage Calculator. Our team managed the $200,000 remodel to turn into a trophy Short Term Rental property, with a total of 3 units and 5 bedrooms. Our team did all of the licensing and permitting. Upon licensure in August of 2022 our team generated over $210,000 in revenue in 1 year of management. Our team at Miami Real Estate Agency sold selling the property for $1.675M in May of 2023, representing an amazing return of over 100% cash on cash return in just over 1 year!

Villa Rio Vista

May 2023