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How to Guide to Secure Your Vacation Rental License in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale has taken proactive steps to manage and regulate the burgeoning short-term rental sector through its Vacation Rental Program. This initiative is designed to ensure that vacation rentals operate legally, safely, and in harmony with local communities​​. See the outline below to get started with your Vacation Rental License in Fort Lauderdale, or reach out to us anytime for complete turnkey assistance!

The Process for Applying for a Vacation Rental License in Fort Lauderdale

The Vacation Rental Program offers a framework that guides property owners through the process of legally operating their rentals. It involves registering with the city, adhering to health and safety standards, and ensuring that rentals do not disrupt neighborhood peace. The program is a testament to the city’s commitment to fostering a thriving vacation rental market that benefits both property owners and the community at large.

For property owners, participation in this program is a step towards operational excellence. It not only helps in navigating the legal requirements but also in elevating the standard of accommodation offered. Properties that meet and exceed these standards often enjoy higher occupancy rates, better reviews, and, ultimately, more profitable operations. Embracing the city’s regulations and participating in the Vacation Rental Program can set your property apart in a competitive market.

Step 1: Understanding the Licensing Requirements Before diving into the application process, familiarize yourself with Fort Lauderdale’s specific requirements for vacation rentals. The city mandates that every vacation rental property be licensed with the state and county prior to submitting a city application. This ensures compliance with local regulations and standards for safety and quality​ (Fort Lauderdale Government)​.

Step 2: Acquiring Necessary State and County Licenses Your journey begins with obtaining the required licenses from both the State of Florida and Broward County. This includes:

  • A license from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (for properties not homesteaded or owner-occupied renting out a room).
  • Registration with the Department of Revenue for sales tax and with Broward County for the Tourist Development Tax.
  • A Broward County Business Tax Receipt is also necessary​ (Fort Lauderdale Government)​.

Step 3: Submitting Your Application to the City Once you have your state and county licenses, you can proceed with the city application. Fort Lauderdale’s process includes providing proof of property ownership, a notarized letter of authorization if the applicant is not the property owner, and a detailed sketch or photograph of off-street parking spaces​ (Fort Lauderdale Government)​.

Step 4: Partner with FL Vacation Rentals for Hassle-Free Management With your license secured, consider partnering with FL Vacation Rentals for comprehensive property management. Our services range from marketing your property to handling day-to-day operations and guest communications. Explore our management plans to find the perfect fit for your vacation rental needs at FL Vacation Rentals Management Plans.

For complete turnkey assistance setting up your permits including the Certificate of Compliance get started at FL Vacation Rentals!

In 2015, Fort Lauderdale introduced an ordinance aimed at making vacation rentals safer and more compatible with residential neighborhoods​

Renewal and Ongoing Compliance

Remember, the vacation rental license in Fort Lauderdale requires annual renewal. Stay informed about renewal deadlines and any changes to city ordinances to ensure your rental remains compliant and operational​ (Fort Lauderdale Government)​.


Securing a vacation rental license in Fort Lauderdale is a straightforward process when you know the steps. By adhering to local regulations and partnering with FL Vacation Rentals, you can unlock the full potential of your property in this prime vacation destination. For more information on the registration process and requirements, visit the City of Fort Lauderdale’s Vacation Rental Program page.

Owners looking for assistance building a Vacation Rental property please reach out to FL Vacation Rentals to get started!

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