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Owner Guide: How to Start an Airbnb in Orlando

Starting an Airbnb in Orlando, a hub of world-renowned attractions like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, presents a promising opportunity for prospective property owners. This guide will navigate you through the essential steps to successfully launch and operate a vacation rental in this bustling city. Take advantage of the number 1 theme park destination in the USA and Start an Airbnb in Orlando today for short term vacation rentals!

Understanding the Basics to Start an Airbnb in Orlando

Before listing your property on Airbnb, it’s crucial to understand Orlando’s specific requirements for short-term rentals. Orlando’s regulatory framework ensures that all vacation rentals meet safety, health, and operational standards to ensure a positive experience for both hosts and guests.

Step-by-Step Guide to Start an Airbnb in Orlando Florida

Step 1: Comply with Local Regulations

Orlando requires all short-term rental property owners to obtain the necessary licenses and adhere to local zoning laws. You must apply for a business tax receipt and ensure your property is in a zone that allows short-term rentals. For detailed information on the licensing process in Orlando, check out the City of Orlando’s official website.

Step 2: Prepare Your Property

To make your Airbnb appealing and competitive:

  • Furnish and Decorate: Equip your rental with comfortable, stylish furniture and include local decor that enhances the Floridian theme.
  • Upgrade Amenities: High-speed internet, air conditioning, and a well-equipped kitchen are must-haves. Extras like a pool or game room can set your listing apart.
  • Focus on Safety: Install smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers. Ensure all safety equipment is accessible and in working order.

Step 3: Create a Compelling Listing

When you’re ready to list:

  • Photography: Invest in professional photography to showcase your property’s best features.
  • Description: Write a clear, detailed description that highlights what makes your Airbnb unique, especially its proximity to Orlando’s main attractions.
  • Communication: Set up a system for prompt and efficient communication with potential guests.

Step 4: Optimize Operations and Guest Experience

  • Automated Check-in: Consider installing smart locks or lockboxes to facilitate a smooth, contactless check-in and check-out process.
  • Guest Support: Provide a guidebook that includes instructions for home appliances, your personal recommendations for dining and entertainment, and other local tips.

Step 5: Marketing Your Airbnb

  • Target Audience: Identify your main guests (families visiting Disney, business travelers, etc.) and tailor your marketing strategies to appeal to these groups.
  • Seasonal Promotions: Offer discounts during off-peak seasons to maintain steady bookings throughout the year.

Professional Management for Your Airbnb

If managing your property becomes overwhelming, consider hiring a professional management service. FL Vacation Rentals offers comprehensive management plans that handle everything from marketing to maintenance, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of property ownership without the day-to-day hassles. Learn more about their services here.


To start an Airbnb in Orlando successfully, thorough preparation and compliance with local regulations are key. By focusing on guest experience and operational efficiency, you can maximize your earnings while providing memorable stays for visitors. With Orlando’s continuous draw as a top tourist destination, the effort put into your Airbnb can yield significant returns. For complete turnkey assistance setting up your permits including the Certificate of Compliance get started at FL Vacation Rentals!

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